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Yeah! I'm standing on PATAGONIA !!

Dream come trueeeeeeeeeee!!! I feel so so good! Because I drank wine too much. I was walked near the Fiz·Roy and the Celo·Torre. I couldn't see Celo·Torre, but I saw Fiz·Roy perfectly. Then, I got pictures of starry scape of the Fiz·Roy! This picture is Lake Arzentin in front of El Calafate.

This one is Graciar Perito Moreno. I watched broken ice.

This one is Poincenot next to Fiz·Roy.

The Fiz·Roy is covered with cloud. I have many good pictures of the Fiz·Roy. But, I don't show them. Reason why? It's "DA SHI O SHI MI". "Ha Ha Ha Ha Haaaaaa!". In fact, the another pictures took RAW mode. I can't convert to JPEG. Sorry. Adios!

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